Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prayer Requests for my friends

I would like to put a couple of prayer requests out there... I know that a couple of my "four faithful followers" (since I'm sure I've been deserted by everyone else) believe in the power of prayer.

I don't know the pain and anguish of dealing with rebellious teenagers. I DO know the pain of losing a child and I have two friends who feel like their children are slipping away from them. I would prefer not to give their names since I haven't asked permission (yet).

My friend A's daughter, C, is suffering from some severe depression and has been suicidal. They are seeking out counseling but I know that her mom is worried. Please hold them up in your prayers. C is a younger teenager, still living at home.

In the other case, my friend M has a grown adult daughter. The daughter is pursuing her dreams, several states away from her parents, with the support of her parents. She has made some choices that her parents are fearful about and not been honest with her parents.

In both cases, I know the moms would appreciate prayers for peace, guidance and discernment. In "C's" case, prayers for the healing of her heart and mind, that she would see herself for who she is in Christ... I think actually, that same prayer could be said for both daughters.

Thank you friends for joining me in these intentions.


Shana said...

Definitely praying for your friends.

Lucy and Ethel said...

By all means.

I am blessed with two young adult 'children' who seem to be on the right path (with a bit of angel intervention, I imagine!), but the prayers for them never stop.

To have one in some kind of peril - any kind - defies description.

So lots of prayers for 'your' families.


Holly said...

Sending up prayers for your friends' daughters.

Henninger Family said...

Will definitely say prayers for these families!