Saturday, March 27, 2010

Something for Seth

(This is a "sticky" post. Scroll down for more.)

I wanted to be able to share a pretty flyer, etc but I'm behind the 8 ball yet again, and I don't want to not do this because I got hung up by my perfectionism!

Seth's 2nd birthday would be March 27th. I really wanted to do something to remember him this year (I didn't last year.. still too out of it, I think). So I'm doing a Donation Drive for our local Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). I figured out the other night, we had Seth for 200 days and he spent 86 of those in the hospital.. almost 80 in PICU. The nurses were a huge support and I want to somehow give back.

So on Saturday, March 27th, I'm taking supplies up to the PICU. I'm collecting the following:

Onesies, in all sizes
Socks, newborn to teen sizes
Pillow cases & Blankies
Bath & body type items for teens

If you would like to help donate "Something for Seth" (and I hope some of you will!), please leave a comment with contact info (or set up your profile so I can email back to you, see here if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Thank you for your help! Please spread the word.


Holly said...

I think this is great and would love to send something. Email is set up!

Henninger Family said...

What a wonderful idea!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to celebrate Seth and his precious time on this earth by donating. He continues to be a blessing.

Thank you for allowing others to take part. I'll talk to you Sunday about getting items to you.


Love to Kayleigh - she is such a quiet little sweetheart in SS.


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Kelly said...

Hi! I am new to your blog! I love what you are doing for your precious son for his 2nd birthday! What a fabulous idea. I have some onesies here that I would love to send to you, if you think they could get to you in time for the donation. We live in Tx. We have 4 daughters ages 5 and under. Our second born daughter, Liberty passed away when she was 5 months old in Oct. of 2007 - the day before my birthday. Her third birthday would be on May 24th - we are TRYING so hard to come up with a fundraiser we are calling "Libertys Wagons" - trying to raise money to buy the hospital wagons for the children to use. She spent 4 of her 5 months in the hospital..taking many wagon rides to and from procedures.

I was looking through your blog and saw that you were blessed to go to Disney! What a wonderful thing. We are planning our very first family vacation to Disney world this Oct - over the week of Liberty's angel day and my birthday. I am sure it will be totally bittersweet for us, but much needed at the same time. Any suggestions for 'special' things we might do to remember our precious girl?? I wanted to get her one of those bricks with her name on it - they aren't doing those right now. Thought about a butterfly release - not doing those right now either. So who know?!?!

Anyway. I am sorry that you too are walking this journey through grief - but you are doing a great job and i LOVE the idea that you have had for your baby's 2nd birthday. I am sure he is smiling down on you from heaven - full of pride for her precious family!

God bless you!
Kelly and Family

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Great idea for celebrating Seth! Thanks for sharing the idea with all of us... Sending you lots of supportive vibes, too... k-