Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning found me running a few errands out of the house. I had an appointment in the morning and afterwards, some things to pick up at the grocery store. The grocery store on the day before or morning of a major holiday is NEVER my favorite place to be but with the record snowfall we've had the last few weeks and working Monday & Tuesday, I just didn't make it out any sooner. (Well, in all fairness, I made it out. Out to finish up the Christmas shopping. Not out to the grocery store.)

When I got home, Cary was feeling a wee bit sad. We had a cuddle and I shared something with him. As I went about my errands, driving to my appointment, walking the aisles in the grocery store, etc., I could hear a gentle whisper. Angels? The prayers of others? The Holy Spirit? As clearly as if someone was whispering from behind me. And the words? "There is hope.. There is Hope." I KNOW that whatever else is going on in the world around me, the grace of God holds me up.

After getting Kayleigh down for her nap, the boys and I made sugar cookies for Santa. (I cheat and use the refrigerated sugar cookie dough from the store). In the midst of that, we recieved our second big blessing of the Christmas season. Remember we were Christmas wished a bit ago? That was wonderful. And just the start of it! We were also "adopted" by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital Administration and Child Life specialists. The presents that were unloaded at our house! Unbelievable. I was surprised to not cry. (And apparently, people were betting on that happening!). Leland and I worried we wouldn't have room for the few presents we had from other family members for the kids.. Where would Santa put HIS presents? As far as problems go, for the kids, those aren't bad ones to have!

Later that evening, I gave the gifts an early Christmas present in the form of pendants which are scrabble tiles with Seth's picture on the back. I got them from HopeRenewed on (have you discovered Etsy? Check it out!) The kids seemed to appreciate them. Kayleigh wore hers for three day straight. "Where's Baby Seth?" "Baby 'ef, RIGHT HEW!" (Baby Seth, RIGHT HERE). After that, we went to church where we heard a lovely messagge on Isaiah 9:6 "For a child is born to us...... And He will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Pastor Glenn expounded on how God meets our needs through those four titles. We closed with a candle lighting ceremony.

After church we headed over to a friends for a bit and then home. (Although we got stuck in the driveway and for just a moment, home was questionable!). Home, kids tucked in, Leland and I did the mighty task of hauling all the presents out to under the tree and off to bed!

The anticipation was in the air!

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