Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Other Words Tuesday

Today's In Other Words Tuesday is being hosted by Patricia at Typing One-Handed. She chose the following quote:

What would happen if we stopped lamenting about the fifty things we can't control and focused our attention on the fifty thousand things we can control? What would happen if we stopped whining about things we have the power to change and finally took charge of our lives and changed them? What would happen if we stopped borrowing sorrow from tomorrow? If we got in the habit of asking ourselves, "What's on my plate today?"
~Karen Scalf Linamen
Chocolatherapy: Satisfying the Deepest Cravings of Your Inner Chick

I love this quote. It speaks to me about so many of the things I want to do in my life. To live simpler, to surrender the things beyond my control, to do what God calls me to do with the things IN my control, to raise my children to see a simpler life, to.. Oh, wait, I'm doing it again aren't I? I'm just elaborating on some of the things I want to/can/are trying to control. :::: Deep breath ::::

Truthfully, since Seth went to Heaven, some of this has just come into my life. I make a conscious effort to NOT focus on and worry about the "fifty things I can't control" (or more). Once Seth entered our lives, there was So much we could not control.. From being pregnant again to finding out he was "sick" in utero to his surgeries to outcome; we couldn't control any of it. Mind you, that didn't stop me from trying to figure out how to get the outcome I wanted. And that just caused undue, unnecessary stress. Once I just turned over to God the things I could not control (which pretty much involved everything at that point!), life just got a lot.. well, not EASIER but simpler.

It's such a valuable thing to learn to let go of that which we can't control. And that encompasses SO much of our lives... I'm so grateful that I am not God and I don't' have to worry about all those things.. Which leads me to the second half of that quote..

What if I stop worrying about ALL the things I CAN change and just do it? What if I ask myself "What's on my plate today?" and stop worrying about tomorrow?

This part? Not so good at... I've spent the last few months working on fighting off a "paralysis" of sorts. I struggle a bit with depression and it's been very hard to get anything done. I"m trying to improve that. I'm making some practical steps to help myself.

But to some degree, I have to believe that I'm doing the best I can in this season of my life. I am grateful to have a God so much bigger than me. Every day I put one foot in front of the other, get through the day the best that I can. If the kids are fed, safe and relatively clean, the day has been a good one. And I pray for God's help and strength to do it all again tomorrow!

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Debbie said...

Sometimes I can get to the place where anxiety can cause me to become paralyzed. But I have the choice to let go of the things I cannot control and trust our Lord with them. After all, He's so capable. This was a very good post and I thank you.

I also participated in this meme today but was unable to add my link for some reason.

Patricia said...

Thank you for sharing your heart today. I too struggle with feeling depressed when I take on so many of the cares of our family without a husband/father. I think the blogging community is going to be a great way to encourage one another in our walk with the Lord. May the Lord encourage your heart.

Susan said...

Hi Kathryn,

This was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your heart and your journey with us.

You are simply amazing.

I'm so sorry to read about Seth, and now your struggles with your new son.

Thank GOD for the HOPE and the promises we have in Christ.

You are such a testimony to the FAITHFULNESS our of mighty God.

I'll keep you in prayer.

Great post!!


Laurie Ann said...

Your post really meant alot to me because you have truly been there in surrendering the things you cannot control. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of your heart with us! I loved your take on this quote. Prayers being said for you and your family.

Patricia said...

Kathryn, Wonderful, honest words!

You know the wonderful thing about letting go of those things we can't control is that, once our hands are empty and we are grasping for something, God's hand takes our hand and gives us direction for the next step. Not the whole hike...just the next step.

Once we get through that next step, then He shows us the once after.

Hold tight to His hand...but remember, even when we feel paralyzed with sorrow, fear, worry...God is not paralyzed. When our hand loosens...He just tightens His grip.

Thank you for sharing your Titus 2 woman's heart. Your words teach other women how to truly love their husbands and families regardless of the circumstances.

Michelle Bentham said...

Hi Kathryn.

This is such a heart-felt post and I can so relate. I sat in a class at church about overcoming depression a few weeks ago. As I read the list of symptoms I leaned over to my husband and admitted that I "must be depressed." What I realized was the "spirit of heaviness" that I was carrying around went back nearly two years and had negatively affected every area of my life.

Oh that we would see these things as they come upon us and release them to God in that moment. I am praying for you and praising God for your transparent post about the daily struggle of working through the stuff of life.


Denise said...

Such a great post.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate your sharing your heart today - I so can relate - and continue to think about you.