Saturday, July 4, 2009

TSMSS - Songs for my kids

Happy Fourth of July! I see that some of the TSMSS participants are doing Fourth of July themed. I could have done that.. but the song that I had already decided to do does speak about the true freedom we have, in God, so I'm proceeding as planned! (And I don't have time to figure out a second option this am anyway).

So, I've been sharing the songs that I sing for my kids. Each kid has gotten their own song that I've sung to them, mostly when they were babies but we still visit them on occasion. So far I've shared the songs of my 3 "big kids". Sean's is here, Cary's here and Kayleigh's here.

There is one song all four of my kids shared though. When Sean was born, I didn't know many lullabies. But I DID know Amazing Grace so that was what I sang to him. I remember being at a hotel in Southern California with a friend and her 16 month old daughter when Sean was 16 months. Sean woke in the middle of the night, distraught, screaming. I spent a LONG time singing this song to him, carrying him and pacing around our small hotel room. But it was nice to have something I could DO for him, and eventually, with the help of Amazing Grace, Sean did calm down and we were all able to get (some) sleep!

Head over to Amy's at Signs, Miracles and Wonders to see what other songs are making other's souls sing on this Fourth of July!

(Come back next Saturday for Seth's song!)


L Harris said...

I can't wait for next week.

I have been neglecting to read the blogs I follow lately. Life happened! But I'm back! :)

Great music.

How are you doing?

Cathy said...

Beautiful, thank you ~

scraphappydani said...

I remember being sung to sleep by you. :) Good memories. You are a great Mommy!!

Sarah said...

visiting here again, great music. Love it.

Karen said...

This is my first visit...your header picture is just precious! Your testimony and the sweet song you shared have touched my heart! We all need to live in expectancy of the greater things to come....