Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just for fun

New Year, New Meme, New Attitude
This is easily the most easiest meme, ever!

Easy peasy: Take the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2008 and post ‘em on your blog, along with a link to that post. (Let me know if you play along!)

The above was copied & pasted from: Bread Crumbs in the Butter

I haven't been posting for a year so I'm going to cheat a bit.. When I started this blog, I uploaded the emails I'd sent regarding Seth during our pregnancy and his surgeries; I'm going to use the first sentence of the first emails of the months I wasn't blogging.. And I'll link to the post.

January 2008 We saw the perinatologist on Thursday of this week.

February 2008 Week 31 - So, we've started the twice weekly non stress tests (Last week).

March 2008 Week 35 - Another good round of appointments

April 2008 During Norwood..It's 10:22 am here. Seth's surgery started (incision wise)at 9am.

May 2008 Seth is doing AWESOME!! We are SO grateful for how far God has brought us and for all of you praying for us during this time!

June 2008 I was trying to come up with a clever heading for this and I just can't so I'm being boring and just sending out an update. Blah.

July 2008 (nothing for July)

August 2008 So, Seth is hanging out, weight wise, at 5.90 kilos (fluctuating between 5.91 and 5.88 or so.. today he was down on our scale.. just something else for me to stress out about!).

September 2008 September 11 - Glenn surgery day.
Seth had his Glenn procedure this am..

October 2008 Wednesday already?I apologize for not sending out an update after yesterday's neuro consult.. I'm feeling rather drained today and so I"m doing tonight's update in bullet format just to get it done.

November 2008 Good Grief. It's already been a week since I posted.

December 2008 Still here. Still struggling. I"m not even going to attempt to apologize for my lengthy blogging absence..

Wow. What a journey the last year has been. I'm glad I did this. It was good to see the highlights. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how it all turned out that I forget how we got here! Thanks for joining me!

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Millie said...

Don't know how to do the linking thing, I'm so NOT computer litterate!! :) But, I'm glad you are blogging though.