Monday, September 22, 2008

May 6, 2008

Seth is doing AWESOME!! We are SO grateful for how far God has brought us and for all of you praying for us during this time!

Seth is still in the same room in Peds ICU BUT he's no longer considered an ICU baby! He's only under "cardiac care" which means that the pediatric ICU doctors aren't following him anymore, only the cardiologists! His meds seem to be stable (and are oral so we can bring him home on those) and are controlling the arrhythmia's we had been seeing.

The BIG remaining issue is feeding. He's currently on an Ng tube (tube that runs into his nose, down his throat, into his stomach) he's gradually being transferred over to "bolus feeds" (all at once) instead of the continuous feed he had been on. The GOOD news about that is he has actually woken up cranky and acting hungry when it was time for the next feed! Yay!! Speech therapy and occupational therapy come in to his room and work with him on sucking & swallowing from a bottle. The cardiologist said we'd give it about a week to see if he's going to pick up swallowing or if he'll need to come home with a g-tube (feeding tube directly into his stomach). We are confident that God can take care of this as well! Please keep praying (specifically regarding swallowing).

The boys (Sean & Cary) got to go see Seth on Sunday (Bloomsday) and that was fun too!

Thank you!

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