Tuesday, September 16, 2008

January 12, 2008

We saw the perinatologist on Thursday of this week. Had another ultrasound. Praise God! We had the FIRST encouraging appointment we've had in a long while!! Yay!!

You may recall that at our last u/s they informed us that one of Seth's kidneys was dilated and this can be a sign of genetic disorder (such as Downs which we're aware may be an issue) and/or can completely resolve by 32 weeks. At this last appt., we're at 27 weeks, and the kidneys look the same as they did four weeks ago. The GOOD news about that being that he is bigger and they don't appear bigger so I believe they now appear to be with in normal range. Mind you, the doctors won't call it "resolved" until 32 weeks.. something about this being a third trimester thing.. whatever, I told the doctor (whom we were just meeting) that we hadn't received very much good news and we would just take it and run with it, thank you very much!

In other areas: For gestational age, femur length measured RIGHT on at 27 weeks, this is good because it means we're not seeing any signs of slowed growth. As far as size, head and abdomen measured at 28 weeks, 5 days. That puts baby at something like 69th percentile (the u/s tech actually showed it to us on a "growth chart curve" like the one they use after the baby's born!). Well within normal limits and this could be due to the gestational diabetes or just plain old genetics (and most of you know, we have big healthy babies over here!)

We do have excess amniotic fluid. That was above normal but they're just watching it at this point and don't seem TOO concerned. Apparently this can be another sign of genetic disorder (I told Leland, it seems like they take every opportunity to remind us that we may have a baby w/Downs syndrome or some other genetic disorder). Baby's heart rate was good and everything else apparently looked good. So all in all, we left THAT appointment WAY more encouraged than we've been (from the doctor's anyway!) for awhile!

We see the pediatric cardiologist for a repeat echo this coming up Thursday and the last week in January, I start going in for twice weekly non stress tests. We are grateful to God for the grace he has provided every step so far and ask you to keep praying for us and our family! Thanks so much!

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