Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 1, 2008

Wednesday already?

I apologize for not sending out an update after yesterday's neuro consult.. I'm feeling rather drained today and so I"m doing tonight's update in bullet format just to get it done.
  • Tuesday, the neurologist said that he's not seeing further signs of damage to Seth's brain. While he still states we're looking at moderate to severe, he believes that we can say Seth has "stabilized" neurologically.
  • Tuesday Seth was taken off c-pap and put on a nasal cannula (little prongs in his nose, oxygen tubing around his little sweet face).
  • Today, Seth's last chest tube was pulled.
  • Because the chest tube was out, I GOT TO HOLD SETH!! YIPPEE, YAY!!
  • Seth is still showing "clonus" (stiffening of and tremors in his limbs). The neurologists are starting him on a medication to try and control that.
  • Seth continues to run a fever intermittently. No apparent sign of infection. May be "neurologically induced".
  • Seth occasionally has a "bradycardia" (sp??) this means that periodically his heart rate dips very low. (should be 120 - 140, sometimes runs in the 90s with dips as low as the 70s). The cardiologist thinks this is "vegal nerve stimulation" and it is "self-limiting".
  • Physical therapy & occupational therapy have been working with Seth. He's tolerating it well.
  • Feeds are being re-introduced (on portagen due to a possible chyle thorax, AGAIN (leaking of the lymphatic system)). (through Seth's g-tube)
  • Seth is coughing better (still weak but coughing) but still not showing gag reflex. Currently on an IV med to reduce oral and lung secretions.

We have another care conference on Thursday. I have no idea when we might be bringing him home.The big kids are all holding their own.. as are Leland and I. I know that's a lot of specifics..

Like I said earlier, these emails help me process info as well as share it and sometimes I just need to spew it all out there and look at it for a bit myself..

And, with those specifics, you can offer up specific prayers!

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