Friday, September 26, 2008

August 6, 2008

So, Seth is hanging out, weight wise, at 5.90 kilos (fluctuating between 5.91 and 5.88 or so.. today he was down on our scale.. just something else for me to stress out about!). Oh, that's about 13 lbs. (I almost forgot to add that!!). I'll try and get a pic posted soon (but don't hold your breath). He's SO sweet, his face is getting really round, he's got those "fluffy" Bonnett cheeks.. And his eyes.. oh, his sweet BIG eyes.. I was so sure they were going to be brown.. I know they are not going to be blue but I"m starting to think maybe green.. We'll see..

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Cathey said...

I JUST NOW found your blog. It's a little out of date, but still fun to read. I know it's probably harder to write now, but remember everything you are going through, struggling with, and rejoicing over are things that may be just the right thing for someone else. Love ya!