Saturday, October 4, 2008

August 20, 2008 - post cath

Seth came out of the cath relatively okay. Dr. Carl said that he found things as expected, no surprises. The narrowing of his aorta was improved from a pressure of 30 to a pressure of 15. He had some "collaterals" (extra veins that are growing) and some narrowing of his pulmonary aorta. These are things that can be fixed at a later date or during surgery.

He had a rough day today. Coming off the sedation was hard for little Seth, he wasn't really himself and his O2 sats have been much lower than usual. Currently he's on a nasal cannula with a "whiff" of oxygen. We're praying for GREAT improvement by tomorrow. If he continues to struggle with his sats, his next surgery will be moved up...

I'll post tomorrow as I hear more.

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