Monday, October 27, 2008


Last night, the diamond fell out of my wedding ring. It's a small diamond, the ring's not extremely expensive but it's my WEDDING ring, people. We couldn't find it. (We didn't spend a bunch of time looking for it, it's small, I discovered it missing when I was in bed). So today I walked around with a naked ring finger. I used to think that I'd like a mother's ring (still do really) or an anniversary ring, but what I want right NOW is my wedding ring back. Funny, how that works, huh?

We've been informed (by more than one source) that the percent of marriages that fail after the death of a child (still living at home) is something like 80%. EIGHTY percent. That's 4 out of five marriages FAILING after a crisis like we're coming through. Leland and I have already made the decision to do whatever we can, and seek help when necessary, to make sure we don't wind up there. We have three other kids who need us and we can not let this tear our family apart.

So, in the middle of our grieving.. the diamond slips out of my ring. I admit, the timing sucks. Fortunately, I don't put much stock in this type of thing as an "omen" or whatever. Still, I was feeling sad, a little out of sorts, about everything and losing the diamond didn't help.. And towards the end of the day, I found a penny! If you haven't been reading long enough to understand the signifigance of that, read here.

I am so glad that pennies are plentiful, and God is patient.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope you find your diamond. If it makes you feel any better, I have some friends who have been married probably 18 years and on their first anniversary (on THE DAY), his wedding band broke into three pieces - just snapped right off.

If I were you, I'd concentrate on that other 20%. You can do it! {{{HUGS}}}.

Robynbeth said...

I fully believe you can be the 20 %. You have so much love in your house. Prayers for the diamond being found, and you have made see pennies in a different way. Blessings are all around.
Thank you.

Chaffin Family said...

Praying you'll find your diamond, but praying even more for the two of you. I love that you found a penny and I love the story behind it. You can be the 20% and I love what evil twins wife wrote about her ring breaking. I know the ring is important and I can't imagine what I would feel if it were mine, but know this, it is a symbol of your marriage not what is holding it together. Jesus is your strength and I know you won't loose that. He is your diamond and he is what makes both of you sparkle and shine so brightly.
Love you, Kim

Millie said...

I'm believing you are going to be the ones who stay together. You are a Christian family, who throughout this "journey" have put their total faith in God, and I believe that will continue with any issues that may come up in the future. Sorry about your ring. I'm still praying for you guys. :)
Millie and Colin-HLHS

Millie said...

Sorry for posting twice, I haven't checked in a few days, and just saw the previous post also. I hope you continue to blog. We love hearing about all of you, not just Seth's adventure. :) Your family is so beautiful, and I like the new look of the blog too. :)
I bet there are more than four of us readers too, no one else just leaves comments. LOL They don't on my blog either. :)

Cathey said...

If Keith and I can be in the 20%, you and Leland can, too. It's hard work, but it's the most important hard work you can do. Love you guys!

KatScarlett said...

You know I'm like you and I think that the ring thing would freak me out a little bit, but the other posters are all right. The ring is just an outward symbol of the comitment and love that you and Leland share. It's a sign of your marriage, it's not what your marriage is based on or built upon. I really do believe that you and L can get be the exception, be a part of that 20%. Still praying for you all every single day and keeping you in my thoughts and my heart.

Kristi said...

Hey---a diamond slipped out of my ring too....and it happened at such a time--I thought the whole world was coming to an end. This was 5 yrs ago now. Find it or not...YOU, sweetie have been a rock --stronger than any diamond.

You are a great friend! God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am just going thru with those that entered for the bracelet drawing and am reading your blog. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious little one. It is true that 80% of marriages do not survive after the loss of a child - but you can make it. MAKE the promise - confirm your vow. MAKE it work. It's work - but you can.

I've buried two children - a girl stillborn @36 weeks & a 16 year old son (4 years ago today). Our marriage almost did not make it - but we HAD to for the sake of our children and our promise to God.

I just had a book review on my blog. Please go read it - listen to the interview with the author. I think it may encourage you.

Blessings- Life is Hard - but God IS good.

L Harris said...

Be that 20%! With God, you can! When I first heard that statistic, I was sick. I was so sad, but I knew we could do it. I needed my DH so badly during that time. We were stuck together like glue! Stick to him, girl!