Saturday, October 4, 2008

September 22, 2008

We saw the neurologist this am. He said that Seth has some bilateral deep (some word I can't remember.. core?) damage per MRI results. It was his opinion that we would not see a rapid recovery to where Seth was before all this happened and that there would likely be some long term damage. Emphasized that it would take TIME to really know what long term effects were. He did say that the EEG showed abnormal slow brain wave activity but it was better today than yesterday. Sounds like they'll do a repeat EEG in a week or two.

All in all, *I* feel pretty optimistic! We were warned that neurology would paint a "bleak" picture and while, as I told Leland, it wasn't all "sunshine & rainbows" none of what the neurologist told us was much different than what we'd already been told by other drs. AND God is so much bigger than the neuro and these MRI results. It it TOTALLY in Seth's favor that' he's young as he is and we'll just pray him through this and do what we can to help!

He's still on Cpap and right now that's our biggest hurdle, getting him breathing on his own. And he's been fighting a fever over today with a bit of an accelerated heart rate.. Those things could be specifically prayed for as well. Thank you for holding us up!

Today was an "easier" day than yesterday and then I expected and I KNOW that's due to God's faithfulness and love, and His love as shown through all of you to us!!!!

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