Saturday, October 4, 2008

September 27, 2008

So Friday was "care conference" day. I think Leland and I were a teeny bit fearful of what we might here. It turned out fine. Some uncomfortable things were said regarding decisions that may (or may not) have to be faced in the future but the overwhelming consensus was that we're a ways from that point and currently, nobody is giving up on Seth. The first goal is to get him breathing on his own. Once the vent is removed, Seth can be weaned off some of his sedation and we can get a better idea of how he's doing clinically. The neurologist repeated that we may be looking at "moderate to severe" damage. The cardiologist voiced some concern about whether or not Seth would tolerate needed surgeries in the future. Those are not things that we have to worry about RIGHT this second however. We were again reminded that only time will show how much damage Seth's brain has or hasn't suffered and so we wait! (And pray. And pray some more!)
Today was, once again, a new day. And God's mercies are new every morning (and I dare say, afternoon, evening & night as well!). I was originally a little under the weather and so I didn't get up to the hospital until about 3pm. Leland got up sooner. He arrived bearing cupcakes to celebrate Seth's "half-birthday" (6 months old today!). The nurses sang Happy Birthday from the nurse's station.
Today Seth was running a low-grade fever (much lower than lately). His cultures have all come back negative so far. He's been weaned quite a bit on the ventilator. As of 9:30pm he was still intubated but doing most of the actual work of breathing on his own. He seems "calmer" today and has not been exhibiting the "posturing" (stiffening of limbs) that we were seeing earlier this week. Over the last couple of days we've seen him open & close his eyes although he rarely appears to focus. I couldn't be ABSOLUTELY sure but I"m fairly positive that he DID track my finger super-briefly today. All those things keep us hopeful. More than that of course, we find our hope in the Lord!
Please join us in offering prayers for some of our family in Christ. The Thomases and family, as they grieve the loss of Mitch, son, brother, wife. At the too young age of 28, he went home to the Lord this week and his life was celebrated in a service at our church today. Also, the family of my friend, Lily, especially her brother, Robyn. He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this summer and now has more tumors and signs of a different cancer. Please offer up prayers for comfort, peace & healing for these families. Thank you so much for your support!

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