Saturday, October 4, 2008

August 22, 2008

Seth seems to be fine.. He's a tad bit bluer over all.. Dr. Carl said "*I* caused that" by ballooning the aorta during the cath.. Seth isn't fighting the nasal cannula AT ALL so that's a positive at least.. I"ve given him some tylenol today (just one dose so far), he's sleeping a lot but he does seem okay.. I wish I could just sit and hold him all day but of course, that's not happening...

We do have a sat monitor. It's just a little hand held one. We actually took it up to the hospital yesterday and had him on both ours & theirs for awhile.. That increased my confidence in bringing him home! He's satting higher on the o2 (like high 80s) but still seems pretty fatigued..

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