Thursday, May 14, 2009

My First Ever Blogging Contest!

Saturday - 9:00pm: Comments now closed. Winner announcement coming soon.

Edited to include additional guidelines. See below.

Alright, readers (all four faithful followers, hee hee), I'm going to lighten things up a bit today and host my FIRST EVER BLOGGY CONTEST. Are you so excited? I AM! If you were paying attention on this post, and I'm guessing most of you were NOT as I did not get a SINGLE comment on the section to which I refer. Ahem. But I digress.

Our family is growing. Sssshhhh, don't tell the kids. It's still a surprise. We're getting a puppy! This adorable little sweetheart right here:

Isn't she cute? Her name is currently "Bailey" and while it's a perfectly adequate name, I suspect we'd have a lot of confusion around here. Cary & Kayleigh already sound a lot alike. Can you imagine if we add "Bailey" to the mix? Truthfully, I'm more worried about hollering at Kayleigh ("NO, Kayleigh!") and getting poor Bailey all disoriented. So we need to


I'm not quite sure what the winner will get but I promise it'll be worthwhile. (I'm thinking a $10 gift card to Starbucks or Amazon). Plus, you get the honor of having named our puppy! All you need to do is leave a comment with your suggestion. I don't care if you have a bunch of suggestions but I'd REALLY appreciate it if you put them all as one comment, okay? So pretty much my only rule is one comment per person but feel free to make as many suggestions as you want within that one comment.

"Bailey" (soon to be someone else) is 100% Australian Shepherd. She's 4 weeks old and will likely be coming home soon. We're excited but she needs a name. And just so you know, I'm running the contest so I don't have to listen to my kids argue over what we name the dog! I'm going to just pick the winner and there we go!

I'll probably close the contest Saturday night. Thank you!

And just in case you'd like some additional guidance (you know, to increase your chances of being picked and all).. Our previous pets have either had "cute" names or names with meaning or some combination of the two.. I had hamsters, "Peanuts" & "Popcorn", a cat "Kisses" (cause she gave them out), dogs "Archie" which was short for Archimedes.. who in addition to being a famous old Greek guy, was the name of the owl on Sword in the Stone, & "Jitters".. We also had a Ginger and a Sophie, both already named when we recieved them and we kept those names. For this little one, I would like something somewhat feminine sounding, and with meaning!

If you've already entered, I am totally okay with your deleting your comment and substituting a new one with additional suggestions. When I close comments, I (and my husband who just found out about the contest, oops) will just go through the comments and see what we like!!

Have fun! Happy puppy naming!


ToniLuvsKids said...

Okay..... Here are the suggestions from the Varner household:

Toni: Buckles, Pinky, Howler (Howie for short),

Jayme: Sienna, Abcde (pronounced Absidee), Spot, Moose, Bruiser, Sally, Cupcake, Aussie (for Australian shepherd)

Tom: sleepyhead.....zzzzzzzzzzz

Jacob: will post comment later

Garrett: ditto
(yep, they all get a vote!)

Laurie said...

Adorable puppy! Hmmmm. A name-
Sam was my first dog. Charlie is my friend's favorite all time dog. Here are a few more ideas- Sweetie, Precious, Happy, Shag, or Shaggy. (Shaggy is my husband's suggestion.) Again, she is beautiful! Blessings!

Kathryn said...

Oh, i love naming!

Snicklefritz is what first came to mind. But, probably no.

Gipsy, Bitsie, Trinket, Blossom, Peaches, Pippin (Pipsqueak!), Saucy, Dakota, Cheyenne, Sheridan, or Sassafras (Sassy).

I'm sure i'll think of others, but this is my entry!

Becca said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Also, thank you for the kind words and prayers for our family.

That little puppy is absolutely adorable. I bet your children will be thrilled!

Angelie said...

Stephanie: Spots
Tricia: Tiger

We all think she is beautiful.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

She is adorable. I think you should name her Shay. It starts with an "S", like Seth, so it honors him. It's a short, cute name that all the kids can pronounce. And when I think of Shay, I think Shay Trains which sound like heartbeats as they travel on the tracks.

Plus, think of all the cute nicknames; Shay-Shay, Shay-Baybee, Shay-belline. (like maybelline).

Cathey said...

While Bailey is a fabulous name (since I picked it), I love the idea of an "s" sound so you'd have two "k"s and two "s"s. Shay is cute and I also like Shelby. Or how about Shiloh - that's Biblical. Sasha?

~*Michelle*~ said...


for some reason.....that is what she looks like to me. :)

She is gorgeous.....

Keith said...

You might as well just call her "The Princess", because thats what she will become. Just ask her mom...........

HolliLynn said...

How about Sydney? I hope your kids love her!!

Tina said...

I found your blog through your comment on MckMama's blog and stopped in for a visit. And, I can't resist a contest! I have an Old English Sheepdog named Louie. Herding breed dogs sure make good family pets. So, how about Lola, or Lou-La Belle?

Lauren said...

I too found your comment on MckMama's blog. I'm in the process of getting another dog (we have a boy chihuahua, so looking for a girl) for the family and I am in LOVE with the name Olive. Maybe it's just me, but I LOVE it! Thought I'd share with you!

shortmama said...

Came by way of Mckmama!

Since a Aussie is herding dog and I think of ranches and cowboys when I see them, I thought some country names would be good.

I like Shyanne, Savanna, Lilybelle (my own dogs name!), Sterling, Calamity (as in Jane), Annie (as in Oakley),Clementine, Paisley

Thats all I got

Anna said...

I love naming pets, but it's a pretty personal choice... My dog was Halle when I got her (black dog, named after the actress.) I renamed her Scout and couldn't imagine anything else. Good name for an Aust. Shep because of how alert they are.

I also like:
Lilu (from the 5th element)
and I know this last one is probably a stretch, but work with me... Rahab.

Rahab is SO under-rated! But think about how she trusted, protected, and took action all for God's purpose. What more could you want for a dog than to look after your family like Rahab did? It could even be Ray for short. I just love Rahab but couldn't quite name a child that, so a sweet girl puppy is perfect! I know I'm weird, though. :)

JD said...

Sheba! She (she's a girl), and "Baaaaaaa" because she's a sheepdog / shepherd ;) S to honor the first letter in Seth's name. And Sheba is a Biblical name!

And, well, puppies, they tend to rule the coop, and you know she'll reign in your house... Queen (of) Sheba?

CABean03 said...

I found your blog through MckMama and just love dogs! I actually volunteer at our County shelter and here are some of my favorite names:

Sadie, Callie, Bella (beautiful)- or you can call her Belle-Belle, Annie, Missy, Smoky (with her grayish coloring) or Gracie.

Ali said...

I've always wanted a dog named Kitty. :)

Shana said...

Hi, found you on Mckmama's blog and wanted to enter my choice. I say Monet, because the blue merle coat reminds me of the way Monet painted. And it is very feminine sounding too and dogs recognize a 2 syllable name easier than a one syllable name. that is what a dog trainer told me! By the way Aussies are my favorite breed of dog. And bulldogs of any kind. Not that that matters I guess. Sorry I got a little carried away.


Millie said...

Wow, look at that! Suddenly you have more than four faithful followers! LOL
Here's my entreis:
Chiquita, Hershey, and Peaches, after the food thing.
Haddie, Hope, Sadie (my puppy) and Sissy (my mom and dad's dog). Pearl, Daphne, and last but not least, Trinity.
Good luck picking out of all these entries. :)
God bless,
Millie and Colin

Steph said...

Wow--hard to come up with something new after all the great ideas so far! Here's what's popped into my head, for who knows what reasons:


Good luck!

Shannon said...

How about "Sheila"? Hard to get it confused with anyone else's name, it'll give Kayleigh "sh" practice, and it's the Aussie slang for girl! When I saw her picture, I heard my Ozzie friend Simon's voice say in my head "that's a good looking Sheila!". Hmmm.... or maybe that's a good reason to pick a different name.... LOL! Love you, and congrats! She's ADORABLE!!!

KatScarlett said...

Well names that I love that I never got to use for a girl...

I love Naia and think it's a good dogs name. I read somewhere that the best dogs names (for dogs to learn their names) are two syllables and end with an "ee" sound or a vowel sound :) Naia is a lovely name with a soft feminine sound to it :)

I also loved Tabitha but I think that's a bit of a mouthful for a puppy name! We always said we would call her Tia for short though! So there's another good choice.

Also love Andi and think it would make a great puppy name :)

Good luck picking!

MEK said...

She is adorable! I like the name Elise. Not only is it feminine, but it means "God's promise" which I think is fitting for the newest member of your household. Enjoy her!