Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

So, in looking at my clock, it appears that Mother's Day is here. I am blessed with MANY "mothers" in my life. I would like to wish them all a Happy Mother's Day. I also want to thank all the women out there who aren't mothers in the sense that they are not or have not raised children of their own. ALL of the women I know personally who fit that description ARE mothers in one way or another. Some of them have mothered me and some of them have mothered neighbors or other women. "Motherhood" in any shape or form is a blessed calling and thank you for your faithful obedience!

I was blessed to have spent 24 of the last 36 hours on a silent retreat. I was with some amazing sisters in Christ and we had the opportunity to be quiet and wait on the Lord. The Lord blessed me with a very RESTFUL time - I don't think I even realized how much I needed that. And there were moments of revelation and wonderful moments of prayer. And I'm grateful. Times like that help to strengthen me for times like this.

Mother's Day missing Seth.

I spent some time this evening trying to figure out what our family would wear to church tomorrow. For as long as I have been going to Timberview, they have a tradition of taking family pictures on Mother's Day. I have last year's. It shows me and Leland, Sean, Cary, Kayleigh. I would scan it for you but organization is not my strong suit and I'm not sure where it is. I specifically remember looking at that picture and hoping it would be our last family pic without Seth.. Seth was still in the hospital when it was taken... And now, of course, Seth will be missed in tomorrow's picture..

I DO however have another Mother's Day picture from last year:

It's not as posed as the one taken at the church. But,I confess, I love it more.

Someday, we'll all be together again. And until that day, we wait with expectant hearts.

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KatScarlett said...

Happy Mother's Day my dear friend. Thank you for this blog and for your friendship. It is a gift.