Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday - May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I haven't done Thankful Thursday for awhile. (What's that? You've noticed? Yeah.. sorry 'bout that). I"m slowly trying to get back into things and sharing my gratitude and gratefulness for God's greatfulness is a GOOD thing. (Ack, I think I just channeled Martha Stewart). And so, without further ado, in no specific order:

1. I am SO grateful for my husband. Leland is walking with the Lord and he makes such an awesome effort to be a great dad, husband, partner. I was out of the house this morning and came home, after Leland had left for work, to discover he had vacuumed the living room and cleaned the bathroom. How great is that??

2 I am thankful for my kids. I really am. Sure, they can push my buttons and make me want to spin my head around, but they bring such joy and blessing into my life!

3. I am thankful for my parents. Both of them. But especially since Mother's Day is coming up, I want to give a shout out to my mom!! She has been such a huge blessing to my family. I'm still so grateful for the time she came and stayed with the "big kids" while Seth was in the hospital..

4. I am thankful for a God who calls us to do things for His glory. Granted, it may be out of my comfort zone (oh yeah.) but God doesn't call me to be comfortable, He calls me to be obedient. I've been a slow learner but it might finally be starting to sink in... Thank you, Lord.

5. Most importantly, (for today) I'm grateful for God's grace. I first shared this line of thought way back in December in this post. I think it rings even more true today. I am fully aware that most mothers would say their greatest fear is losing a child. I was once one of those mothers. One of the things I struggle with is the perception (that I have) that other moms are looking at me, wondering how I'm doing "so well" when they "know" that if they lost a child they would just go to bed and stay there. It would be their worst nightmare. I once felt that way. But God's grace is sufficient and all we need. I've recently come to the conclusion that the old saying "God never gives you more than you can handle" is a crock. I believe God often gives us more than we can handle. On our own. The whole point is to lean into God. To depend on Him and require His help. How would we even begin to do that if WE could handle it?
And so, as I continue to walk this path that has turned out to be my life as I now know it, I am grateful for God's grace. I am BLESSED beyond measure to know that I do NOT EVER have to handle the difficculties of life on my own, regardless of how big or small they are!


Tänia said...

This is a wonderful post and SO MUCH to be thankful for. Your cup runneth over with His many blessings!

Tänia of Faith Prints & Christian Bloggers

KatScarlett said...

Kathryn, I'm also fully of the belief that sometimes people get more than they can handle in life. I am just so glad that you have found where YOU need to lean to find the strength to get through. You are an amazing person and I am blessed to call you my friend.

Steph said...

You are very wise. . . I totally agree--it IS more than I could handle alone. Thank goodness we don't have to. I know I've learned things and grown in ways through my experiences that I couldn't have any other way, and therein lies the blessing in the trial.