Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walk With Me Wednesday - Prayers

I'm not going to go into huge detail.. I don't want to embarrass anybody. But today I'm remembering a day ago last July. I met a friend, Chantelle, on the Internet. We had connected via an HLHS email loop and her family was in Spokane. They were new to the area, having just moved in October. Chantelle shared that her daughter Tatyana was having her Fontan (the 3rd HLHS surgery) at Sacred Heart Children's. I emailed asking, if all went well, if we could come up and meet them. (As it happens, we had a cardiologist appointment at the hospital two days after Taty's surgery.. which given how OFTEN we saw the cardiologist is NOT a huge surprise). When I got up there that first day, Chantelle wasn't there. I left a note. I'm pretty sure I missed her the second time too. But as they say, 3r time's a charm and it's a MEMORY! I probably won't forget even without recording it here...

At that point, Tatyana was having some complications. I can't remember the details but she still had chest tubes, they were worried about chyle thorax, etc. Chantelle had come in and for various legitimate circumstances, her "mama bear" was in full mode that morning. Having JUST met Chantelle (mere minutes, seconds maybe!), I got to witness, as she herself puts it, her "head spinning like Medusa". :) I could tell that she was just a mom who wanted the BEST for her child, like we all do. I was grateful I had left Seth at home with his dad and I was able to busy myself playing with baby London! But you know, I LOVE Chantelle. She's been a great friend and I'm blessed to have her in my life. And her family needs our prayers.

Tatyana, as I previously mentioned, has protein losing enteropathy. She's having a heart cath today. Chantelle took her in and had her admitted to PICU yesterday as she was incredibly weak and not eating. PLEASE pray for wisdom & discernment for the doctors, for wisdom & discernment for JT & Chantelle as they oversee their daughter's medical care. I got to talk to Chantelle for a bit last night and was DELIGHTED to hear how well she was doing emotionally. She was experiencing peace that she couldn't explain.. Please pray for that to continue and for their family to draw close to God during this difficult time.

Thanks, friends!

Because I can't resist sharing this cute picture of Seth - from that time frame (last July) - Seth and Tatyana's baby sister, London

One of my FAVORITE pics of Tatyana from her hospital stay last July


Lauren said...

I love that pic of Seth--How adorable!

Kathryn said...

Interesting how we meat others that touch our hearts.

Sally-Ann said...

People come into our lives and touch our hearts in all manner of ways! I love the photo

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Great photo and thanks for sharing. :)