Monday, May 25, 2009

We Remember... Memorial Day 2009

I had a very interesting conversation with Sean this week. We were in the van. ALL our important, interesting conversations (or at least 90% of them) seem to take place while we're driving in the minivan. Sean mumbled something about Memorial Day and people not even knowing what it's about, just being excited about the day off. "Um, Sean," I queried, "Do YOU know what Memorial Day is about?". He confessed that he didn't really.. He thought it had something to do with people who had died and the military. I was glad to tell him he was closer than he thought. And nowadays, it's also a day to remember and honor those who have gone before us.

I apologize for the quality of these pics. I had to do some scanning and some settling. I've already mentioned my poor organizational skills, so I'm making do.

Today, in our household, we will remember:

"Uncle Cary" My mom's younger brother,
Donald Douglas "Cary" Savill
1948 - 1999

The top picture was taken in the spring of 1993. It's my Uncle Cary with the picture he painted and gave to Leland and I as a wedding gift. The inset picture was taken at the Savill Family Reunion in July of 1999. Uncle Cary was my FAVORITE uncle growing up. I'm grateful that he did get to meet Sean before he died and am sure that he is entertaining Seth in Heaven.

Grandpa Savill, my mom's dad
Donald Colin Savill
1925 - 2000

Both of those pictures were taken at the Savill Family Reunion in July, 1999. That's Sean on Grandpa's lap in the top picture.

"Grandpa Red" Leland's dad,
Monte Lee "Red" Bonnett
1935 - 2003

The top picture is Red holding Sean in December of 1999. The bottom picture is Red holding Cary and it was probably late 2001 (December, maybe?)

And of course, in our home, we'll remember:

"Baby Seth" Our sweet, sweet boy, Our little "tough guy,
Seth Douglas Bonnett
March 27, 2008 - October 12, 2009

The first picture was mid-August 2008, on our living room sofa. The remaining pictures of Seth were taken by the wonderful photographer, Heather Evans at Slice of Life Photography. She donates some of her valuable time to the hospital, giving families losing children, precious, precious ways to hold onto their memories. They were taken on October 2, 2008. I didn't realize until just now that the outfit was the same.

Today, as we do EVERY day, we remember.

As I"ve been going about my getting ready to go out with the kids today, I've been humming and singing a song that I feel is appropriate for this post & this day.


KatScarlett said...

Remembering and missing Seth today too, Kathryn. I love those pics of him... I'd kind of forgotten what a little chunk he turned into. I've seen so many pics of him lately when he was tiny that I was surprised to see those big beautiful round cheeks... and then I remembered how much I loved those round little cheeks and realized it had just been a while since I'd seen them. Thinking of you all today.

Lynnette Kraft said...

I'm excited for the day that we'll all be in heaven together and I'll get to meet your little Seth. What a beautiful baby. I'll bet Anna's already met him. I have a feeling that when mommies meet - our kids meet - what do you think? :)

Your pictures were precious.

L Harris said...

He was such a sweetie! :)