Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Kathryn Day 2009

Today was a gentle day. My favorite part, outside of the things God did as described in the post below, was the sweet gifts from my children.

Sean and Cary both made "presents" in school, using their thumbs! Sean's is the pink one, Cary's is purple..

In addition to that, they both gave me handmade cards. Sean's said "Happy Mother's Day" on the front. The inside said "because of all your hard work and dedication, you deserve a Happy Kathryn Day!" Do you love it??

Cary's gift included a letter. I'm writing it as he did, my corrections (so YOU can tell what it says) are in parentheses.

Der mom yor ies (eyes) are the leetblue (light blue) and you are cyut (cute) as Seth are the bast (best) mom in the wold I like you the wae you are

The best part? I mean besides the fact that I'm as cute as Seth.. After Cary read it to me, he burst into tears. Because he was just so happy!

A sweet, gentle day. My heart ached for Seth but was blessed by the presence (and presents, tee hee) of Sean and Cary. Thank you God for our family!

I do want to end this with an important request: I just found out that my dear friend, Chantelle's sweet daughter Tatyana is in the PICU. Taty has HLHS, as Seth did. She has had all 3 surgeries but is having some pretty serious compications currently - flu, pneumonia, protein losing enteropathy (PLE). Chantelle was a HUGE blessing to me when we were in the hospital with Seth, coming and spending some time just helping out with my "big boys". I have SO enjoyed her friendship and my heart hurts for her as I KNOW how much her mama heart is hurting. PLEASE pray for them!


KatScarlett said...

I love that two little thumbodies love you. Those are so very sweet. I'm glad that you had a happy Kathryn day :)
Praying for little Tatyana.

Lauren said...

You are loved!