Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 21, 2008

I didn't send a Sat. update because Sat. looked a lot like Friday, just a good day.. Both Leland and I spent time at the hospital hanging out w/Seth, holding him, loving on him.. We decided to take ALl the "big kids" up to the hospital Sunday after church so the boys could see Seth again and Kayleigh could "meet" him..

This am, as we headed out the door for church, we got a phone call from the dr in peds ICU that Seth had some difficulty breathing and had been put back on CPAP. We decided to take the kids up anyway after church and had a brief "family" visit. Seth didn't look great to me as he had his head held way back in a position the nurses said they see in patients who are "air hungry".. And apparently he wasn' t doing very well as this afternoon he was re-intubated. The "theory" (or at least how *I* understood it from the doctors) is that he was just tired.. His "respiratory muscles" probably grew tired from working so hard, half of his diaphragm isn't working (due to the paralysis of the left side). His oxygen saturations were good but he wasn't "blowing off" the co2 well enough and his blood gases were poor..

At this point, the drs are figuring out the best step for getting nutrition into him, either an Nd tube (a tube that goes in through his nose and past his stomach) or a G-tube (directly into his stomach). The cardiologist said a "bigger baby" wouldnt have as difficult a time dealing w/the diaphragm stuff (oh, when Seth was last weighed, on Sat eve, he was an even 7lbs). Also, the heart arrythmia is still somewhat problematic and they're trying various meds to control that (we're on medicine #3..)

So, today was one of those "step backward" days the drs warned us about in Seth's recovery..

AND, my mom is leaving tomorrow (sniffle, sob..).

We're hanging in there, we certainly appreciate the prayers for Seth's healing and for his doctors wisdom. Thank you!

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