Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 7, 2008

God is so good, Seth just keeps getting better & better.. Not necessarily as fast as the drs think he should be getting better but fast enough to keep mommy & daddy encouraged!

Today Seth has been weaned off the paralytic and his sedative. He was trying to wake up for bits of time when we were at the hospital and spent a good deal of the day holding on to my finger! (Which is a HUGE blessing as he hasn't really moved for almost a week!). He tried to open his eyes a few times.. He's still on the ventilator but is stable and receiving breastmilk through his Ng tube. There has been question of an infection but so far he seems to be healthy (all things considered! ). The preliminary genetic testing has come back normal, more detailed testing is being run and could take a couple of weeks (we expect that all to be normal as well).

Please keep praying for his healing, for the drs wisdom. The boys were back to school today after spring break, we continue to be blessed by my mom's presence and help with the kids. We are experiencing some "interfamily tensions" (for lack of a better phrase and not feeling the need to go into details!) and would appreciate prayers for peace and good communication within our family.

Thank you ALL so much, we do not take your presence and your prayers for granted and are VERY grateful for you in our lives!!

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