Tuesday, September 16, 2008

March 13, 2008

Week 36

Alright, it's raining and cloudy today.. but it could be snowing (and actually, I think we had snow in the forecast, eek!).. Spring is STILL coming (slower than I'd like but it's coming!)....

In spite of the weather, today was a GOOD day!! :)

Started the morning with a non stress test and a fluid check. Fluid is down to 29!! YIPPEE! (Reminder: above 24 is abnormal but we've run as high as 39 and have been at 31 lately). Passed the Non stress test.. The fluid check ultrasound gal ran an "incidental biophysical profile" (meaning it's not official but she saw him doing some of the things they look for so she scored it anyway) and Seth got 8 out of 8! Yippee again!

After that we headed over to the ob's office for an appointment there. And we SCHEDULED the induction!! So, yes, on March 27th, we're having a baby (we check into the hospital at 6am that day). Unless he comes sooner. I"m already dilated to 1 1/2cm and 75 % effaced (or we could just go on in that state for weeks).

And some dear sweet friends of mine blessed us by cleaning our house today! Yup, today was a GOOD day. I know God is watching over us, I"m feelng well cared for and loved.

Next week, more non stress tests, LAST fluid check on Thursday. I"ll keep you posted! In the meantime, we appreciate all the prayers for our family. Please lift our other kids up in your prayers as well, Sean particularly has had a hard week (nightmares, feeling "left out"). Thank you for loving us!

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