Tuesday, September 16, 2008

January 18, 2008

(In January, Kayleigh and Cary were wrestling and at the end of it, Kayleigh had a broken leg!)

So, never a dull moment at our house! Although, am I the only person who finds it ironic that we've gotten Sean to age 10 (almost) and Cary to 6 and our not-even-2 yrs old baby girl is the first one to get a broken bone???? How does THAT work?

So we saw the ped cardiologist yesterday (Thursday), no changes on Seth's condition. The left side of his heart is still very small, the ductus that they're watching is still open. She said that she just needs to see us once more before delivery.

We see our ob next week and the following week start those non stress tests 2x/week (Can I just say how much I"m looking forward to THAT? NOT!).

As of about 1pm this afternoon, Kayleigh is sporting a BRIGHT pink cast on her left leg.. pretty much toes to thigh. I told her that all the stylin' girls want one! She seems to be getting a little more comfortable with her leg.. Yesterday she was army crawling across the house but after the cast, her knee is now bent and that seems to have confused her ability to move a bit! I"m sure she'll figure it out in a day or two!

I DO want to say how grateful we are for the outpouring of love & support we've received over the last few days. We are overwhelmed by the kindness in meal offers, and even the emails that I receive have brought a smile to our face. We are so appreciative of the kindnesses offered by so many of you!

So, I'll sign off now with the reminder that if you don't hear anything for awhile, No news is most likely good news!


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