Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 12, 2008

Oops, almost missed another one

Saturday was another "backwards step" day. Friday the cardiologist mentioned that Seth has a bit of an arrythmia (rapid heart beat). They were just keeping an eye on it. On Saturday, the arrythmia had been occurring more over the last 24 hour period and so Seth is now on a medication to treat that (and as of the last report Sat. night, I'm not sure the medication was helping all that much :( )

Also, Seth was extubated at 9:15 Sat. am. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the hospital at 11am, he was being re-intubated. He had VERY labored breathing and really struggled off the ventilator. The drs don't think it's heart function but rather a lung issue. I"m fuzzy on understanding (as I was reacting emotionallay and probably only heard half of what the dr said) but it seems to be considered to be a "small airway obstruction" possibly his lungs are slightly under-developed, etc. I"m going to try and get more details today or tomorrow on that and if we need to just wait out or what..

In addition to all that, Seth is having some withdrawal symptoms from all the pain meds & sedatives he's been on after surgery.. They've changed some meds to try and help with that..

Thank you for prayers. We just keep trusting that God is doing a mighty work here and His name will be glorified through all this.

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