Tuesday, September 16, 2008

March 20, 2008

Week 37

Well, in spite of the fact that there was SNOW on the ground this am (all melted) AND it tried to snow as recently as 45 minutes ago, my calendar says today is SPRING and I"m going with THAT!

We had GOOD appts this week! Saw the ob yesterday and baby has dropped a bit. He could feel Seth's head when he did the exam, so we're in a GOOD place for induction next week. Externally, I measured 37 weeks. Ha, I AM 37 weeks! :) I thought that boded well for today's fluid check!

So this am we passed our non stress test AND fluid level came in at 16. SIXTEEN!!!! This is NORMAL!!!! (Below 24 is normal, we've been at 31/29 lately). The nurse came back in the room and said "He (the dr.) is VERY pleased with your fluid level today". DUH! God is SO good!! I"m VERY Excited to meet this little guy next week.

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