Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 3, 2008

Yesterday (Wed.) was a hard day, it took most of the DAY to get Seth stable, adjusting his iv meds, pumping him w/fluids to keep his blood pressure up, etc. It was hard for his parents to see all that going on! (Today it was pointed out to me that he kept TWO nurses busy all day yesterday, I'm glad i didn't realize that at the time!)

This morning, he had to be put back on oxygen, a chest xray was ordered to verify the problem was fluid on his lungs and not heart function. A chest tube was put in and 50ccs were drained immediately... THAT was a turning point for Seth and he's been pretty stable since. The cardiologist actually said we were boring today! Yay, Boring is good!!

At this point, it looks like they won't close his chest until sometime over the weekend possibly but it may be as late as Monday.

The pumping is going well and my breastmilk is being frozen for when Seth is ready for food.

Please keep praying for his healing and for the doctor's!

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