Tuesday, September 16, 2008

March 31, 2008

Baby Seth update - Day 5

Some highlights:
Seth extubated HIMSELF on Saturday night. He was done w/the vent, thank you very much. The big positive of that being that I was able to hold him Saturday evening.

Seth's oxygen sats have been holding their own where the drs want them. Starting on Sunday, we've been able to hold him w/a nasal cannula (think oxygen tank, old person, little plastic things in their nose ).

With the nasal cannula, I've been able to NURSE Seth. We've been not hugely successful. He's latched on a bit and nursed like a champ briefly on Sunday evening but today (Monday), he didn't seem to know what to do when he got milk in his mouth.

The boys were able to get into the NICU briefly this am and meet Seth.

Current update:
At this point, genetic test results have not come in. Drs haven't addressed the issue but everyone else (nurses, visitors, etc) says Seth looks just fine and perfectly healthy and normal.

Surgery IS scheduled for tomorrow, Tues. April 1, starting at 8am. Leland and I spent as much time at the hospital today as we could and will be in at 6am to see Seth before surgery. Surgery should last about six hours. PLEASE, please pray for the drs, for a successful surgery and while we're at it, the biggest issue in recovery can be feeding issues so we could start praying on that too!

I will TRY to post an update tomorrow, or have one posted when he comes out of surgery..

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