Tuesday, September 16, 2008

February 14, 2008

Week 32

So we had our fluid check this morning. Just to re-cap, 24 and above is considered high (or "polyhydramnios" for you medical types), At our ultrasound five weeks ago, we were at 35. Last week it was 39 (39.7 I found out today). At 40-45, they want to drain it so you don't run into issues w/pre-term labor, etc. Today the fluid level was... (drum roll please)..


YAY!! The nurse made some comment about how it can go up & down. I don't care. I believe that our prayers helped and I PRAISE GOD that we can rejoice in good news today!.. Yippee!!

I will be having fluid checks weekly from now on and next Thursday I had to schedule for when Leland will be at work. Please keep praying for us and for Seth. Thank you.

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