Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 18, 2008

Pictures are inserted (above) And attached.

The top picture is from yesterday, when Seth was off vent, before CPAP. The bottom picture is from today.

And yes, Today was An AWESOME, we're singing God's praises day! That is me HOLDING Seth for the first time in 16 days!!

He had a GREAT day. He's off the vent and CPAP, on a nasal cannula. They pulled one of the chest tubes because it had slipped out of position anyway.. (May end up re-inserting it tomorrow).. The IV line in his umbilical cord area came out today. The drs are holding feeds to make sure he's doing okay with his breathing (he's getting IV nutrition). And, he goes to town on his pacifier!

We're praising God for the good work being done over here. AS much as he loves his "binky", I"m praying that we'll be able to breastfeed as I don't think latching on will be a problem!

And that's it for today, it was a gREAT day!!

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