Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 5, 2008

Seth continues to do well! Yay, praise God!! The last couple days the nurses and the cardiologist have found him downright "boring". We can think of worse situations to be in than that!!

And oh, the things you learn in these situations!! Yesterday, Seth had a brain ultrasound to make sure that there wasn't any damage from surgery (stroke, etc). That came back clean. Today, he had a stomach xray due to a little blood in his ng tube. That came back fine also. I"m SO glad that I don't know to worry about these things beforehand.. and that I DO know who's ultimately in control anyway!

AT any rate, it looks like as long as we continue on this path, they'll close Seth's chest tomorrow (brief stint in the OR for that, and it's a BIG step in his recovery!).. All in all, he's doing well, we're hanging in there, the other kids are doing pretty great w/grandma (my mom who's staying with us for awhile). Please keep praying for Seth's healing and for his doctors. Thank you SO much!!

I'll try and send an update tomorrow (Sunday) but I expect that after his chest is closed we may have some more fluctuating, etc..

Thank you all!!

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