Sunday, September 21, 2008

April 9, 2008

It's so weird to think about the fact that tomorrow (the 10th) was Seth's due date! He's been through so much already for just turning 2 weeks old, sweet guy.

Today was an okay day. Seth got transfusions. The increased blood volume helps w/oxygen, etc. He looks pinker today. Also, he was getting sedated again.. He was a "little rowdy" and trying to pull out stuff, he has a "neighbor" now (little girl in the room next door, separated by a curtain) and when she cries it visibly upsets him.. All in all though, not doing badly, they were attempting weaning him off the ventilator (again, still!) and we'll see tomorrow how that went!

Leland went back to work today and I know that's hard for him so as you feel led, please lift him up in prayer!

God continues to shower us with blessings, big & small so we know how well we're being taken care of by our Creator!

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