Tuesday, September 16, 2008

March 25, 2008

Yes, THURSDAY!.. T minus less than 36 hours. If only I didn't feel like I have so much stuff to do still!! :)

My birth plan.. well, I want my epidural as soon as possible (since I didn't get the effect of one w/Kayleigh).. Other than that, I just REALLY want to hold our sweet boy before they take him upstairs.. not sure if that will happen or not. Seth will be in our hospital. He'll go up to NICU on 3rd floor (I'll be on 2).. Daddy will go w/him (I hope). IF he still has to have surgery, he'll be in PICU on 4th floor immediately after surgery and then back to NICU..

Please keep praying for our family as we were at the ped's office on Friday w/Kayleigh, fever & ear infection. Leland was back yesterday w/Cary, strep throat. Lovely. We DID tell the boys last night, we kind of left it at "Seth might need surgery if his heart is different. You might not be able to see him (currently no sibling visits in NICU and we have no viewing window) but we'll bring home pictures. It's okay to be sad & scared, we have GOOD drs. looking after mommy & Seth and God is looking after us. Please ask mommy & daddy any questions.".. They both got a little teary but seemed okay.

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