Tuesday, September 16, 2008

February 29, 2008

Week 34

Yesterday was a GOOD day! Yay, God!! As you (who are local) know, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Spring is coming!

We saw the pediatric cardiologist AND had an NST and fluid check yesterday. The fluid level has dropped back down again (YAY!) and was 31.45 (down from last week's 37, below 24 is "normal"). We passed the non stress test.

The pediatric cardiologist was as encouraging as they are given that Seth has HLHS. His pda (patent ductus arteriosis) is still open (good, good news! This is the duct that they'll keep open artificially after birth by using iv hormones so that he's stable for surgery). His aorta is "medium" sized. Large would be better, small would be worse. (Measured 2.85 scale is 1-5). One of my favorite parts was when the ped cardiologist (we were seeing a diff. dr. in the practice so first time w/this doc.) said "HE doesn't know anythings wrong with his heart". So far, that's all positive. Please keep praying. We have a growth ultrasound next week but won't see the cardiologist again until delivery.

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